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They say pictures speak a thousand words, and this is very true of Hajj. No matter how much I try to describe something, some of the pictures in this section may be able to give you a greater appreciation. I would suggest rather then just browse through them, try to image your are actually there, maybe by doing so, you will begin to fully apprecaite the underlying message with each picture.



Ministry of Health (KSA) - Health Promotion Videos


Recently the Ministry of Health in the KSA have produced some health videos with english subtitles. They are worth watching. Click onto the links below to be directed to the videos which are available on youtube.


Food Poisoning during Hajj


Personal Hygeine in Hajj


Head Shaving during Hajj


Heat Stroke and Heat Stress in Hajj


Chronic Diseases in Hajj 



My videos


Here are some links of a few short videos I have made relating to medical matters and the Hajj.

They are available on you tube and you can also view them by clicking onto the links below.


Video 1 : Preparing for a Healthy Hajj


Video 2 : Common Medical Conditions at Hajj



Other potentially useful video links


There are a number of video available on the internet and here are a few you tube links which you may find useful to watch. As these videos are from an external source I am not advocating any religious verdicts or rulings based upon what they depeict. These links are provided as food for thought only in the context of the journey of the Hajj.


Hajj: The Journey of a lifetime


Revealed - The Hajj (Discovery Channel)

Disclaimer & Legal Bits


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